Tour of Features and Reports

We've included sample pages and reports from many of MembershipEdge's features. We invite you to review these features and compare them to your key needs. These are just a sample of our screens and reports- many more are available. We invite you to sign up for our 30 Day Free Trial to sample the full complement of features.

Manage Individuals and Families
Small Groups and Ministry Teams
Quickly and easily manage information about members, visitors, attendees.... Manage Groups and Ministry Teams. Schedule meetings and events, track attendance, reserve resources....

Contributions and Pledges

Visitor and Member Tracking
Track gifts from contributors. Quickly and easily enter checks and cash. Analyze giving patterns. Prepare end of year statements.... Track visitors. Manage assimilation processes. Schedule and track follow-up activities. Close the back door with this flexible tracking feature....

SiteLink - Website Integration

 Flexible Reporting
Publish your Church Calendar, Small Group and Ministry Team Info. and Member Directory on your Website Automatically....Our powerful reporting features help you create reports and customize them to your needs....

Address Labels and Mail Merge

Share Data With Other Programs
Quickly create address labels, and mail merge files to power through sending messages and letters.... Built in Integration features help you share MembershipEdge data with programs such as Contact Managers, Personal Calendars, Phone Tree, etc.

Member Directories

Accounting and Payroll
Create Photo and Phone Book style directories of Members, Groups, etc. Upload an individual and family photo to use....MembershipEdge can be used with any Accounting and Payroll system you have including Quickbooks...

Smart Phone Interface

Access your account with any web-enabled Smart Phone or PDA. BlackBerry®, iPhone™, ...etc.Our "Roles" based security model makes it easy to manage access to your database....

* Office, Word, and Excel are trademarks of Microsoft Corp. BlackBerry® is a registered trademark of Research In Motion®. iPhone™ is a trademark of Apple Inc.
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