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Address Labels and Mail Merge
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Our Address Labels feature provides the means to quickly create and print standard 30/page address labels. Avery 5160 Labels and substitutes are supported directly. Options allow the creation of labels for individuals and family addresses. Using our powerful filtering features you can also choose labels for group membership and various other selection criteria.

Label setup options allow you to vary the Font, Font Size, and number of sets of each label as well as being able to start printing at other than the top of page to use up partial pages of blank labels.

If other size labels are needed, you can also use our Mail Merge program and interface with your word processor.
Using the "Filtering" options you can select persons and families to build into the directories by Relationship, Family Position, Group Membership, Gender, Age, etc.

Our Mail Merge Feature is flexible and easy to use.

You can choose to extract address records for individuals, families, spouses, and or dependents. You can address families with the option to include family members who have a different mailing address.

You sort by name or zip code.

You can extract the addresses in Web Page, Word, or Excel format.

The program is designed to integrate with your word processing program. You can save the results as a file and then, import the addresses into your documents to create labels, form letters, address envelopes, or any other format your word processor can handle.

You can also use record filtering to select just the persons you need.


Sample Address Labels
Mail Merge Example

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