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Flexible Reporting
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MembershipEdge provides powerful, yet easy to use reporting features.

Reports are easy to find and fast to produce. Custom options allow you to make common alterations to match the output to your needs.

You can modify titles, change sorting sequences, etc.

Our powerful "Filtering" feature helps you to select just the families, individuals, group members, etc. that you are trying to print or reach in messages, letters, etc.

Most reports can be downloaded as Word or Excel files to so if you need to further adjust them, it is easy to do.

Some commonly used reports include:

  •  Membership Rosters
  •  Birthdays Anniversaries
  •  Address Labels
  •  Family Listing
  •  Phone Number Listings
  •  Skills and Interests
  •  Send Email to a group or everyone
  •  and a lot more....

Report Options
Filtering Options

     and much more...

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