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Smart Phone and PDA Access
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Our Smart Phone Interface gives you access to your account from any web-enabled smart phone or PDA.

BlackBerry®, iPhone™ .... any web-enabled phone can access your account using a secure interface specifically designed for phones and PDAs. You will find this interface quick and free from images and other graphics that make web-browsing on a phone frustrating.

Look up Members, Visitors, etc,; anyone in your database. Click on a phone number or e-mail address and call or send messages.

Look up Groups and Teams and view group members.

Check your church calendar of events and view event and meeting details.

Check birthdays and anniversaries.

Check on recent church visitors and view your follow-up assignments (using our CareTrac feature).

Security - login and password required. All information is encrypted as it travels through the phone network.

BlackBerry® is a registered trademark of Research In Motion®. iPhone™ is a trademark of Apple Inc.


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