"Our Highest Priority is Protecting Your Database"

To insure that your database is protected from unauthorized access, we employ a number of security measures discussed below.
     We use the same encryption protocol (called SSL) that electronic banking and credit card companies use to protect your financial information. All communications between your computer and our server are encrypted as they travel over the Internet.  
    Encrypted pages have a small locked Padlock icon usually at the bottom of the page.  
Highly Secure Facilities
  We host your database with a world class web server provider located in Harrisburg, Pa. Their facilities include: Biometric Security Access Points, Motion Detection, 24 hour Camera Surveillance, 24 Hour Security Service, Access Restricted to Employees Only, Redundant Power Sources, Backup Generator, Redundant Internet Connections, Fire Suppression System, Regular Tape Backups. Servers, routers, switches, security system, and facility power are electronically monitored 24 hours a day.  
Access to your Account  
  Access to your data is protected by login and password authorization. You assign logins to your trusted staff and volunteers. You can revoke logins at any time. We require that you use a minimum of 6 character login names and passwords.  
Access to Specific Areas of Your Database  
  You have complete control over which parts of your database are available to whom. Using a straight forward "role" assignment feature, you grant rights to each user on a module by module basis. In this way, you can delegate the total responsibility for church management to as many or as few individuals as appropriate for your organization. You can change these rights at any time.  
Protecting Your Computer  

To maintain a high level of protection for your data it is also key that you maintain a set of good practices to ensure that the computer(s) you use are not vulnerable to viruses and spyware. We highly recommend the following:

  • use of a firewall for any computer connected to DSL, Cable or other "always on" connection
  • use of virus and spyware protection software
  • automatic or frequent updates to your operating system to install security patches, etc
  To protect your database, we offer a combination of highly secure facilities and best practices. We want you to be confident that you can depend on MembershipEdge to provide you with the security and reliability you demand.  
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