MembershipEdge has the features churches need to manage mailings, member records, contributions, pledges, attendance, event schedules, visitors, small groups, and more.

 Individuals and Families

  • Names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, family relationships
  • Skills and interests
  • Photos - individual and family
  • Reports - members, birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, membership history, photo directory, phone list, skills, and many more
  • Customize report content - flexible selection criteria
  • Export to Word, Excel, PhoneTree dial list
  • Mailing Labels, Contact Files - integrate with M/S Office applications
  • Easily create e-mail messages to individuals and groups

 Groups, Small Groups, Events, and Resources

  • Define any number of groups or teams and optionally, track membership
  • Comprehensive support for Small Groups - when, where they meet, whom to contact, ...
  • Schedule meetings and events - include in Church Calendar
  • Optionally track individual attendance and overall attendance at events (such as worship services, Sunday schools, team meetings, etc.)
  • Identify attendance patterns of individuals
  • Resources - book reservations tied to events and meetings, avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Easily create address labels, and/or e-mail messages to group members

Contributions and Pledges

  • Track donations and contributions by individual
  • Maintain history of bank deposits from contribution sources
  • Set up Accounts / Funds and distribute contributions into designated funds
  • Create annual Statements to Members suitable for mailing.
  • Create periodic Pledge Statements showing amounts pledged and contributed (optional)
  • Link Contributions to General Ledger Accounts

    Funds can be defined as Annual (Fiscal Year) recurring, or as Special Period with variable start and end dates for one-time special projects Pledge summary and detail reports by Account / Fund and by Member

  Integration with Microsoft Office and PhoneTree

  • Many reports can be downloaded and saved as Word or Excel files
  • Mail Merge - addresses import directly into Word Mail Merge
  • Contacts - address and phone numbers Import directly into E-mail contact folder
  • Dial Lists - easily export dial lists for Import directly into PhoneTree

 Visitations - Assimilation (CareTrac Feature)

  • Easily track Visits, Information Requests, Consultations, etc.
  • Create follow-up plans for automatic scheduling of calls, e-mail's/letters to send
  • Track visitor card information
  • Individual Calendar shows follow-up assignments, scheduled appointments, etc.
  • Scheduling feature integrates with your personal calendar in Outlook, etc.
  • Templates feature lets you predefine e-mail messages, form letters, discussion points, and use them again and again
  • Keep Notes from calls, meetings, etc.

 Church Website Integration (SiteLink Feature)

  • Link your Church website to your MembershipEdge information sources
  • Publish your Events Calendar, Membership Directory, Small Group Listings on your website
  • Includes a Public and a Members Only section requiring login
  • Select what information is shown
  • Immediate update - changes posted to your MembershipEdge database are immediately available to your website users
  • SiteLink is an optional, added charge feature.

 Smart Phone Interface

  • Access your MembershipEdge Account from any Web-Enabled Smart Phone
  • BlackBerry®, iPhone™, .... any phone with web-access
  • Lookup church members, visitors, etc. and quickly phone or e-mail them
  • Check on group membership, check the church calendar, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Accounting and Payroll

  • MembershipEdge does not have Accounting and Payroll modules
  • This frees you to use any Accounting and Payroll system you choose
  • We think this gives you added flexibility and freedom to change your church management system or accounting system without impacting the other
  • We are an affiliate of Quickbooks from Intuit and offer discounts on purchases made from our website (see our Tour: Accounting and Payroll page)


  • User defined text fields, checkbox fields, and date fields
  • Default values for data field inputs can be customized to save data entry time
  • Reports - flexible choice of selection criteria and report results


  • Access is limited to defined users with a User Name and Password assigned by the "security administrator'.
  • "Role' base authorizations. Access to each function can be selectively granted to only those users who have the responsibility to maintain the information and create reports based on it.
  • Uses easy to understand names for roles. For example, users who manage information about groups are granted "Group Manager" authority.


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