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Accounting and Payroll
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While MembershipEdge is not an Accounting and/or Payroll system,ite can be used with any Accounting and any Payroll system you already have. With our service you have the advantage of choosing the best web based system for Member Administration, Groups, Calendar, etc. while still retaining the option to chose the best accounting and payroll options to meet your needs. This way, if you need to do accounting in-house, or at your local bookkeeping service you are free to chose the options that make the most sense for your ministry.

If you also need an accounting or payroll system, we've partnered with QuickBooks to provide you with savings on systems that work for churches.

Follow the links below to SAVE on your QuickBooks purchases through our Affiliate Program.

Accounting - Simple Start Plus Pack

With Simple Start you can write checks and track expenses by payee and category. For more advanced features you may want to look at the Pro Editions.

Accounting - Pro Editions

Pro additions have more features, such as Budgeting, and can be used in networked environments by more than one user at a time.

Accounting - Premier Nonprofit

The Premier Nonprofit version ads features such as contributions tracking by donor (not needed if you use MembershipEdge Contribution Feature) and fund balance management.

Online Editions - Accounting and Payroll in Web Based Editions

Those who prefer a web based service can subscribe to the online versions of accounting and payroll. (Important - Churches and non-profits may save up to 20% off regular price.)



Quickbooks Payroll Editions. Single and multi user networked versions.

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Which Product is right for you? For a complete, detailed list of feature comparisons of the Quickbook editions click here.

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