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MembershipEdge provides the tools to keep track of your congregation - members, visitors, friends of the church, any contacts with which you need stay in touch. Use this feature to track family members and record important facts about the people that you serve.

People are the heart of every church and consequently information about your members and visitors is the heart of MembershipEdge. We make it quick and easy to maintain contact information, important dates, track skills and interest, membership in groups, attendance at events, etc. And, you have the flexibility to extend the database definition to include custom fields to accommodate your special data needs.

With a shared MembershipEdge database, your church staff, pastors, ministry team leaders have access to accurate and up-to-date information. And, with the ability to log in and update the database from work and home, you will find it much easier to keep the database current.

While keeping individual and family details current is helpful for communications, you will quickly come to enjoy the power of MembershipEdge when it comes to creating a host of reports for mailings, publishing, and analysis. Our reporting feature makes it quick and easy to create and print reports, labels, mail merge for letters, etc.


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