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A key success factor for every ministry is how well it welcomes new people and helps them to find the opportunities in which to engage and ignite their spirits. And assimilation doesn't end with just producing a regular attending family, it can continue into development of spiritual growth, volunteer-ship, membership, leadership, etc. But, tracking the assimilation status of many individuals can be a daunting task. And often, it is a shared responsibility among pastors, staff, and perhaps other lay leaders. We often hear of churches grappling with the problem of people "falling through the cracks."

We developed CareTrac specifically to address this need. CareTrac is a flexible planning and tracking tool designed to help leaders and administrative support in tracking, scheduling, and completing steps in assimilation and member/leader growth and development. We recognize that ministering takes place all over and all the time, not just in a church office. We made MembershipEdge an Internet based service so that it is a tool you can "take with you" and utilize everywhere a Internet connection is available.

With CareTrac, you can define planned, proactive steps to follow someone's visit to your church, calls for information, prayer requests, etc. Or, if you wish you can use CareTrac in a completely spontaneous way. CareTrac can help one person or a team keep track of follow-up calls to make. It can also be a central communication hub, helping your ministry teams communicate with each other, hand off follow-up steps, and record important events and notes about your visitors and members. CareTrac can assist in preparing welcome letters, appreciation letters, invitations, e-mail messages, or any kind of regular communication that helps keep people "cared about."

CareTrac comes with some predefined examples and you will be able to use it as a model for your own internal processes and terminology. You shape CareTrac to fit your culture and ministry team styles, not the other way around.

CareTrac will help to "close the back door" in your ministries. Give us a call or sign up for a free trial and take a look at how CareTrac can be a part of your successful ministry.


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