MembershipEdge is web-based Service designed to help a church staff and volunteers track, schedule, and communicate more effectively. You'll find it has the features large organizations need yet it is priced to be affordable to even the smallest of churches.

Empower your Staff and Volunteers

MembershipEdge is designed to provide powerful tools for church leaders to help Connect With and Serve members and visitors. With anywhere / anytime access via the Internet, your leaders use our features to maintain the latest, accurate information and track participation in ministries, attendance, lookup skills, maintain giving records, etc.

Close the Back Door

Use our CareTrac feature to record information about your visitors and easily schedule and track follow-up calls and visits. And while you're at it, use this feature to track any ministry or individual development process you wish. Want to keep track of who has completed your membership development process? CareTrac will make it easy! Want to know how many people have visited your church in the last 30 days, 90 days? CareTrac can do that and much more.

Get Control of Your Data

With MembershipEdge, you have one, central, shared database of family and individual information. At last, your staff and leaders can all share the same up-to-date database so that they always have the latest phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses.

Administrative Aids

Does your Administrative staff need a break? MembershipEdge can help by making it quick and easy to create reports about members and visitors, make address labels, send e-mail messages to individuals and groups, track skills and interests to help with volunteer recruitment, and lots more.

Small Groups and Ministry Teams

Want to track your members participation in Small Groups and other Ministries? Our Groups features give you and your group leaders tools to track membership, schedule group events and meetings, track attendance, and communicate with e-mail messages, calling lists, or mail piece generation.

Integration with Office Tools, PhoneTree, etc.

MembershipEdge was built to work together with your family of software tools. Download reports to your word processor. Export names and addresses to import into your contacts folder. Automatically save calendar events to your personal calendar file. These are just a few of the ways you can leverage the investment in your database to save time and trouble.

On the Road ... Use our Smart Phone / PDA Interface to stay in touch.

We added a Smart Phone Interace to allow you to log in and view your MembershipEdge Account using any web-enabled smart phone or PDA. Lookup people, groups, the calendar, and more. Any smart phone with a web browser interface will work.

Easy to Learn and Use

Our clients tell us that the best thing about MembershipEdge is that it works the way they expected it to. We worked hard to make our programs intuitive and easy to figure out how to use. Because it is an Internet application, we use standard looking links, buttons, selection boxes, etc. The result is that it's really pretty easy to get around and update the database.

Is it Secure?

With MembershipEdge, your database resides on servers at our Hosting partner. Our servers have state of the art reliability and security configurations. Protection includes redundant disk arrays, redundant switches, routers, firewalls, high-speed Internet connections, and UPS/Battery backup services. They are backed up regularly and monitored on a 24/7 basis. The security of your database is a key concern for us. For additional information check out our Security page.

Access to your data is protected by login and password authorization. You control who can use the system and which features can be accessed with an easy to understand security module. Furthermore, all sensitive data such as passwords, financial information, etc. is encrypted for your protection as it travels over the Internet.

What do I need to operate it?

All you need is a Windows* or MAC* based computer capable of accessing the Internet. We designed it so that you don't need expensive hardware and extra software. Check out our Systems Requirements page for a rundown of how "little" you need to use MembershipEdge.

What does it cost?

MembershipEdge is licensed annually based on the number or people in your database. There is also a minimal, one-time, setup fee. Our pricing is designed to make it affordable for even the smallest church and at the same time a great value for larger organizations too. Use our Pricing Page to calculate what a great value our service can be for your church.

How do I sign up?

To find out more about our exciting service go to our Contact Us page. We will contact you and let you know how you learn more about MembershipEdge and decide if it is the right solution for your church.

Interested in our service? Sign Up Today.

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