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Churches are all about making things happen. And often, what's happening is driven by groups: Small groups, cell groups, ministry teams, special events, youth groups, etc. These are just a few examples of the many ways that create community within the church. But, keeping the membership roles, meeting schedules, and tracking attendance can be challenging even in a relatively small congregation.

MembershipEdge created its Groups feature to help. We provide you and your group and team leaders with the tools they need to track group membership, schedule meetings and events, track attendance, communicate with group members, and keep general notes and attainment records. Whether you choose to centralize groups and events scheduling with one or two people, or delegate responsibilities to several group leaders, MembershipEdge has the tools you need to keep membership roles, check attendees in and out, track attendance, prepare the church calendar, and check the availability of shared resources to avoid conflicts. And, with the e-mail, address labels, and mail-merge features built in, communicating with group members just got a lot quicker and easier.

Small Groups are a growing focus in many churches. MembershipEdge helps you define the contacts, purpose, meeting times and places, and areas of focus. Customize each group's definition to track participation, achievement targets, etc. Send e-mail messages to members, create labels, print check in/sign in logs. And, with the SiteLink option, publicize your groups by linking your website to your group directory.

MembershipEdge Groups feature will also help you build a Calendar of Events and keep it up to date. Post your small group meetings, special events, services, and youth group outings, etc. to the calendar. Publish your calendar on your website "automatically" using our SiteLink option. Then, leverage the same event data to track record attendance. With MembershipEdge you never repeat names and addresses, phone numbers, events, etc. because everyone shares the same integrated database.

Need to know who is using the activity center this Saturday afternoon? Use our Resources Feature to define the facilities, vehicles, and special equipment you share. Then, reserve them by allocating them to your Events. MembershipEdge will warn you if you try to double book a resource and you can display a calendar of reservations so you can quickly see when a specific resource is booked or available.

Taken all together, our Groups Features is valuable time and frustration saver for administrators and group leaders in today's dynamic church.


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